Friday, February 14, 2003

Black History Cola!

Here are just a few examples of how companies promote Black History Month (and their products and their image):

-- The Pepsi Bottling Group Promotes Literacy with Donation of Debut Novel by African-American Writer to "The Next Generation" (This campaign from last year also helped get Pepsi into Detroit elementary schools... Sweet!)

-- Chrysler Celebrates Black History Month!

-- Target Corp and its attempts to "futher the 'dreams' that Dr. King preached three decades ago."

-- Purchase some HBO home videos in honour of Black History Month!

-- What Black History Month products can I buy from A&E and The History Channel?

-- Wal-Mart Presents $50,000 to United Negro College Fund In Celebration of Black History Month

-- The McDonald's Black History Month Poster!

Maybe I'm being too cynical about this... But as laudable as some of these donations and programs are, is this what Black History Month was supposed to be about?

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