Friday, February 21, 2003

The Internet Sucks

Well, this blog of mine has been down for the past week or so. I believe it has something to do with the snowstorms that crippled the Eastern United States.
So, I'm back. But I've been busy with this show that I'm doing -- a fundraiser for my old high school -- and midterms and drafts of my honours thesis being due... so it's just as well.
Also, my Daily column this week, in my mind at least, sucks. Or, at least, it ain't as good as previous ones. Please feel free to mock or it or comment on it, though, cuz I've had enough praise and need criticism.
Also, as I write this entry, I am drunk. Opening night of the show, free wine, etc, etc. Huzzah!
Happy Reading Week, McGillites. Happy (almost) Spring to the rest of you.

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