Sunday, February 09, 2003

Late again.

I know I'm kind of late jumping on this whole blog bandwagon, but what can I say... I was steadfastly against Napster for at least six months, before I actually got it on my computer and warmed to the idea of free music on my computer. I had this paranoid argument that some evil child pornographer was going to get access to my harddrive.
As for online communities, I teased a friend of mine for her obsession with a particular website, until I ended up addicted to a message board myself.
There's also the small matter of my cell phone. I used to endlessly harangue my friend Alex about his, the end of the distinction between public and private, the brain cancer... Now, I really don't know what I would do sans cell.
All this to say that I may be coming on late, but what the hell.
Mockery is welcome.

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