Sunday, March 09, 2003

March is here

Well, the depressing month of February is come and gone, but the folks I hang out with are bluer than ever. This is because of a) impending war, and b) all this goddamn work one has to do in her or his last few months of University...

Spent last night at Copacabana in impassioned debate over Iraq, the Kurds, UN Security Council resolutions, necessary lies, genocide... All in all, not terribly fun, but very engrossing. There were some disagreements, but the overwhelming feeling was just one of: Ohmigod, this impending war is so depressing and sad! Has any other war been discussed at such length in public before it broke out? The war itself (if it happens; I hope not) will be one thing, but this pre-war debate and rhetoric and build-up is positively excrutiating.

Then, on the way home from the bar, I got into a tremendous, epic snowball fight. I threw the best-aimed snowball of my life at Phillip Todd's head. Phil followed this up by chasing me three blocks before finally tackling me and giving me a well-deserved snowjob. The snow war raged on between seven or eight Dailyites and Dailyite friends for a while on the cobblestones of Prince Arthur.

I may have banged my knee up a bit on the sidewalk, but that walk home was invigorating and fun. And that was great, because I haven't had a nice, clean, rolling-in-the-snow time in what feels like a long, long while.

If only Bush and Saddam could do get in a good Guerre Des Tuques...

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