Thursday, April 24, 2003

Giving them what they want: Rex Brynen!

According to our On the Fence focus group, visitors to this website want to know what McGill University Professor Rex Brynen (the one on the right) is up to these days.

One correspondant writes: "Ever since my peacebuilding class ended, I've just felt this... I dunno, hole in my life. A hole that can't be filled with bizarre articles by Professor Gil Troy on The Sopranos and Zionism. I just want to know, what's Sexy Rexy up to these days?"

Well, here it is! Rex Brynen on NPR's All Things Considered, on April 17th. The subject: textbooks for Iraqi schoolchildren. Professor Brynen was the last to be interviewed in this short news piece:

ABRAMSON: It may be impossible to print new, politically acceptable text for all subjects in all schools that quickly, but Rex Brynen of McGill University in Montreal says that for some subjects Iraq might want to use textbooks developed in other Arabic-speaking countries.
Mr. REX BRYNEN (McGill University): There may well be textbooks that can be borrowed from Jordan, from Egypt. Some excellent materials were produced for the Palestinian Authority. Some of those textbooks might, indeed, be appropriate, but they're probably appropriate as stopgaps.
ABRAMSON: Once schools are up and running, once students have supplies and books, Iraqi faces the really touchy questions: whether to develop a unified national curriculum, whether to teach in the local language, whether to allow religion a role in the public schools. American educators still fight over those issues in this country; Iraqis now face many of the same struggles. Larry Abramson, NPR News, Washington.

And, if you're still jonsing for Rex, why not reread his great essay, The Politics of Science Fiction.

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