Sunday, April 27, 2003

Harddrive Detritus : Marx and Engels, Together Again!

Every so often, I like to look through the Word files on my harddrive and see what's there. I have a folder called "Random Acts of Writing" filled with bits and bytes of text that I have written over the years.
It's fun to see what's there, what was on my mind in the past. I keep a real-world, paper-and-pen journal, but only sporadically. My harddrive functions as the real record of my life. It's my pre-blog blog.

Today I discovered that, apparently, on April 21, 2002, I was once working on a musical to be titled "Marx and Engels, Together Again!" One partial scene was abandoned in a file I called, "flattering ass"; don't ask, because I cannot remember why on earth I called the file that.

Anyway, here's an excerpt from the never-to-be-written musical:

Engels: Geez, Julie, I didn’t mean –

Julie: Yeah. I’m sure you didn’t –

Engels: No Julie, don’t go…

Julie: See you, Engie.

Engels: Aw geez…

(pause Marx enters.)

Marx: Boy. This industrial revolution sure sucks.

Engels: Oh give it a break, Karl. (pause) Oh, I’m sorry. It’s just I can’t keep my mind on the devaluation of the lower class while Julie is mad at me. And she’s mad at me all the time. It seems I just can’t do anything right.

Marx: Well, you can’t.

Engels: Oh, come on Karl.

Marx: Relax Fred, I’m just joshing ya. Look Fred. Women are like… they’re like capitalism. They want more and more and production just won’t meet demand without taking advantage of the workers.

Engels: I just wish I could live up to her expectations. But I’d have to be some sort of... of... ubermensch to do it, you know.

Marx: Well, you’re not. None of us are ubermenschen. (Nietzsche enters.)

Nietzsche: Oh yah? Vell, you’re wrong about zat, yah. (Music begins)

May I have your attention?
I’d like to give a mention
To the ubermenschen.

Who can work and get a pension?
Let me relieve the tension:
It's the ubermenshen!

Now Jesus was a Jew, they say,
Not the uberrist race of them all,
But he still came back from the dead on Ascension
He was the first of the ubermenshen!

I’ve got a penchant for the uber.. uber… uber… uber… menschen!

Marx: Excuse me?

Engels: Who is this guy?

Nietzsche: Hi, my name is Nietzsche
I don't mean to be preachy
'Bout the ubermenschen.

If you listen to my teachey
You'll see life can be real peachey
With the ubermenschen.

The supermen know there's no eternal truth,
They're passionate folks, you know.
Just realize the limits of our dimension
And you can be super, like the ubermenschen!

Marx: I don't know...

Engels: Me neither...

Nietzsche: I can sense your apprehension
(And your lack of comprehension)
'Bout the ubermenschen.

There's no need for hypertension,
I don't got no pretensions
'Bout the ubermenschen.

I know they're just a theory
And I know the concept's bleary
But if you'll just put your belief in suspension
For a moment, you'll love the ubermenschen!

I've got a penchant for the uber... uber... uber... uber... menschen!

(End of Song; Nietzche exits)

Engels: Well. (pause) He gets marks for enthusiasm.

Marx: What are you talking about? He didn't get me.

Engels: Marks, not Marx!

Marx: Come again?

Engels: Sigh. How come everyone knows you better than me, even though you're such an idiot?


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