Thursday, April 24, 2003

What People are doing on the Internet These Days...

Hello, and welcome to a new feature here at On the Fence.

Every Thursday, we'll ask, "What are people doing on the Internet these days that bring them to On the Fence?" This feature will let you know what people are typing into search engines that bring them here.

In the past week, these searches have led people to this very page:

ben errett national post

Christian Science Monitor article on 18 regime changes forced by U. S. in 20th century

rex brynen

"fuck the usa" lyrics

clear fence

"J. Kelly Nestruck"

“kelly nestruck”

newspapers biased war

sample letter of resignation fuck you

"sample letter of resignation"

Students Strike Mcgill pictures

farewell resignation sample letter


"phillip todd"+mcgill

sherwin tjia

CBC biased blog

All this leads me to believe that the people want more Rex Brynen news and are eager to learn ways to resign from their jobs.

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