Saturday, May 24, 2003

The Dominion: A promising new Canadian newspaper

Dru Oja Jay, like so many university journalists, used to kick around the idea of a national left-wing newspaper with his buddies. Unlike the rest of us, however, Dru has actually gone ahead and decided to create one, damn the lack of funds, damn the scoffers.

Right now The Dominion consists of a monthly eight-pager that you can print out in PDF format from the website. There are four volunteer staff putting it all together: freely-available content from the web and original articles.

Okay, so you might roll your eye at "The Weekly Chomsky", but there's actually some nice stuff in the Dominion, especially for a first-issue. Dru's got the ambition to take this somewhere. Unlike the rest of us beer-swilling talkers, he got off his ass and tried something.

I don't know how this whole national distribution thing will work out, but the Dominion already functions nicely as an alternative to the sloppiness of the indymedia web journalism sites. It's worth a look.

[edit] I fixed the link above, which was accidentally leading people to the Dominion institute. Whoops...

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