Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Esoteric Poetry Corner

Letters to Gwendolyn MacEwan’s Lovers
By J. Kelly Nestruck

Dear Sir,
We have looked into your claim
That the police stole your Thursday
And regret to inform you that
Due to lack of evidence
We must drop the case.
We’re looking into appointing
A special independent body to investigate,
But frankly, we just don’t have the funds.
For the time being keep a close eye on your tomorrow,
But try to forget about yesterday.

Sergeant Gossamer
21st Precinct
Toronto, ON


Dear Sir,
I am writing to you
In your insane asylum
To tell you about our
Excellent new product:
It will help you deal with that unfortunate smell
Of pee and PEI.
But frankly that’s about it.
The rest, we can’t help you with.
After all, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Write back for a free sample.

Dr. Marvel Comics
PO Box 23397


Put down the guitar and come over to me.
Pluck my strings,
Sing my song,
Dance with me.
You don’t need it to soar.


My Lovers,
$202.02 is a fine amount to have
Because when the decimal is removed
And the dollar sign too
You have a palindrome.
But I needed to withdraw
So I took out $200.
How sensual these numbers are,
Back to front, front to back,
Like you and I in a basement apartment…
After all, we all begin where we end
And end where we begin.
Watch me.

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