Sunday, May 04, 2003

How is Rex Brynen doing these days?

I know you're all curious about Sexy Rexy's whereabouts. Don't deny it. You are. The blog-savvy Brynen posted a comment on my April 24 entry about him. Here is his comment, in case you missed it:

Well, since you asked.....

Rex Brynen is sitting in a World Bank office overlooking the al-Ram checkpoint on the road from Jerusalem to Ramallah, contemplating the dynamics of donor coordination in Palestine and trying to decide if he should 1) stay here, cuz I can get free internet access (hey, I always carry an ethernet cable), or 2) head back to the American Colony (one of the coolest hotels on the planet) where I have to use expensive dial-up access, but where there is a very nice bar.

(Yes, for those of you who just received graded papers back from me, I can write excessively long sentences too.)

I am also pleased to report, for those among you who have always wondered such things, that the pen IS more powerful than the sword. Having accidently forgotten to carry my passport earlier in the week while in the West Bank, I bluffed my way through three Israeli military checkpoints with a McGill library card...

2 May 2003

Now, you and I love Rex in class and on his The National appearances, but, apparently, there are those who don't so much. If you search for "Brynen blog" on Google (as a couple of visitors did to reach this page recently), you'll find two entries: a link to On The Fence here, and a link to an irate, young, right-wing blogger who calls Rex "Arafat's Advisor" (entry Feb. 17,2003).

You can please some of the people some of the time, etc, etc...

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