Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Post Diary : Week 2 begins

Well, putting aside the migratory patterns of certain editors and writers, I'm having an awesome time at The National Post, writing, writing, writing... (Hence the lack of blog posts of late.)

So far, I've been able to write for a whole bunch of sections, not just National News. I've had a piece now in Sports, Arts and, tomorrow, I think I have one in the Financial Post. (Knock on wood.)

The FP piece is about those crazy old Google kids, who've just created a Canadian portal to Google News.

It works well, but is anyone else worried about Google's path to global domination? Forget the Aspers or Rupert Murdoch... Google's going to control your minds by the end of the decade!


NB: While I did link to The Vancouver Scrum above, it was only because it was the only site I could find that detailed all the goings on lately. All this negativity is a bit misplaced. Exoduses (Exodi?) are common when a well-liked editor leaves a newspaper. As Paul Wells said on CBC this weekend:

It's easy to over-dramatize things, and it seems with the National Post people are always eager to over-dramatize, perhaps because we were always so good at dramatics. But in 1990 at the Globe and Mail when Norman Webster left as the editor and a fairly untested editorialist named William Thorsell became the editor, pots of people fled the Globe thinking its best days were behind it. Thorsell with a much-depleted newsroom, when on to build what I think, was the best Globe and Mail
ever, at least in my experience as a reader. So I could bore your viewers by naming all the people who left the Globe and Mail in 1990, but my point is,
that there is turnover and it often tend to be accelerated when there is a big change at the top.

Matthew Fraser heading the ROM in a decade? Not unthinkable...

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