Thursday, May 01, 2003

What Twentysomethings Want From Newspapers

The "Building Brand for the Light Reader" panel at the Canadian Newspaper Association Super Conference went well today. I was a little nervous and hadn't slept very much, but I pulled it off nonetheless. (It got good response, and I'll be back again tomorrow morning, subbing for someone on the 9 am Readership panel discussion.)

What was really helpful to my presentation was all the feedback I received from you twentysomethings out there in cyberspace. I got responses from across the country (thanks to the CUP listserv) from journalist-types and those who work/study in entirely different fields. I thought I'd get a few people responding, but I wasn't expecting the dozens of long, carefully-reasoned emails I got. Thank you very much, everybody.

The general consensus seems to be that twentysomethings feel alienated by the mainstream media. And people aren't indifferent about this; they're upset and angry and frustrated. As one writer put it, "I feel disenfranchised."

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