Thursday, June 19, 2003

Early Thursday Fringe Mailbag Update: Cookies, History and Marta

That's right... Time to dip into the mailbag and see what people are emailing about today.

Cookies at the Fringe: Better than Sex?

The problem with S------'s story [see 6/172003] is that she was selling cookies at the Fringe, seeing it as a way to rake in money. Maybe it's different out west, but around here neither the volunteers nor most of the performers have all that much money to spare. Some guy has been making cookies and bringing them to the Montreal Fringe since 1997 for the volunteers and sometimes the performers, and while he jokes about charging, they're always free. Sometimes a lucky audience member even gets one. A couple of years, he actually got buzz, so we know what effect cookies can have on people; some might argue they are better than sex. He was thinking about taking some to the Classical show, and see if Rainer makes a pass at him.

Of course, maybe there were two women with cookies, and the other was trying to woo the classical guy.

One of the Car Story minions was inside the Beer Tent on Tuesday, handing out a flyer. I really hate to say this, but I'd say he did do damage to the Fringe two years ago, though not in the way he perceives it. I suspect some people got so fed up with him that the festival took a significant hit in terms of reviews and even tone of newspaper coverage. He didn't damage the festival, but the fewer reviews we are seeing does affect the very performers that he claims to be fighting for. The guy's
an idiot, and undoubtedly that will get me more email calling me a bozo.

More to come later.


Hi Michael,
Thanks for adding a new dimension to the cookie/S-----/Rainer love triangle. I am eager to hear more cookie-related gossip.
I don't know about consuming cookies at the Fringe, but I would recommend washing down some tasty Jem Rolls with a nice hot steaming Cuppa Jo.
I made a vow to not comment on anything else related to OTL/Car Stories/bald-angry-man; however, I will say, "I concur. That guy hurt the festival."

Uncalled For is "bare-faced ribaldry": Guy

Hey Kelly

Since you are more contactable than anyone in Montreal this week, or so it seems, I thought I would address various comments to the listening (?) audience via your good self. First, that Hasselhof [Amy Hasinoff] woman is following me around, or perhaps psychically I am doing the reverse: she was present on Monday at Uncalled For, and then again at Sabotage last night. Strange. If only I could work out how my mind works to unravel the mystery.

Anyway, more to the point I would have to echo Amy's resounding hurrah for Sabotage, which I think is possibly the most intelligent farce I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I was _so_ impressed. A note of caution however - a friend who saw them last year and this suggested that there was a certain degree of re-hash going on. Perhaps this is par for the course, whatever.

I must admit however that 'Uncalled For' actually hurt my sides to a greater degree than Sabotage, what with its bare-faced ribaldry, and so at the moment the five of them are prime candidates for my doctor's bill for stitches, when it arrives next week.

In other news, I hope you know that MSCL, or my so-called life, is now available on DVD for about $100 CDN. Yes, the whole damn lot. And it is still as fantastic as ever. In fact more so, what with one's rose-tinted spectacles perched precariously on one's nose...

hope all is well in the big T dot


Oooh! MSCL on DVD! I am excited... However, at the moment I am saving up to purchase the first two seasons of Homicide: Life on the Street on DVD. That show was my favourite.
(Is it just me, or is TV a lot better now that I don't have to actually watch it live and can instead rent the series that I hear are good on DVD?)
Nice to hear from you and I hope to see you in the beer tent on Saturday and Sunday night.

Hottie Wrestlers' Absence Explained!

Hey Jay Kelly,

Cool stuff and kudos for your blog. I'd love to rate you on a sexiness scale, but I'll wait until you get a dramatic pose in B&W :-)

At any rate, what other fringe blogs are out there, "official" or otherwise?

If you're wondering what happened to the wrestlers, I heard a pretty nasty rumour. Something about the fringe producer not being on top of things (not returning calls, ignoring the group, etc.) and then blowing his top when they decided not to be part of the outdoor show this year. He's definately got the "white stuff" to run the fringe!

That's what a friend who follows local wrestling religiously said at any rate...

Keep up the good "unethical" work, and don't let the critics get the better of you.



Hey franklynne,
Thanks for the kind words. I shan't let the bastards grind me down.
Other than me, you can get Fringe reviews at Blork's Infinitely Unqualified Reviews.
As well, you can find a lot of information about the Montreal Fringe at this site, which I think is run by Michael Black (?). He has an interesting history of the Montreal Fringe on the Internet.
Other than that, the only Fringe news on the web seems to be at the official Fringe site in Vava Confidential, which is sadly short on any good gossip.
At other Fringe festivals I have visited, there are wonderful gossip/review newspaper/rags like The Jenny Revue in Winnipeg. They're fun and help foster the community atmosphere...
Personally, I decided to set this blog up, because I missed Gaetan Charlesbois' old Hour Fringe diary.
In wrestling news, folks jonsing for last year's Fringe wrestling extravaganza can check out the Internet Wrestling Syndicate for upcoming shows (the next one's in July in Laval).

There's more than one way to skin a Katz

Hey Kelly,

This is Marta, the Communications Director of the Fringe. I’d simply like to mention that a volunteer named Andrew saw “Uncle Jack” and was raving about it in headquarters, so I suggested that he write a netbuzz – perhaps he also wrote to you. I’d also like to point out that there isn’t anyone named “Andrew Katz” involved in “Uncle Jack.” Perhaps you are thinking of Peter Katz, who is the playwright and director, and whose father is also named Peter. I also know an Andrew Katz who is not related to Peter Katz (the name is common) who is a writer and C├ęgep prof – perhaps the review comes from him.

Please post this message post-haste, as I suspect you are unfairly accusing the Shape of a Boy troupe of writing their own review.


Re: Andrew Katz and Peter Katz. I suggest you read my entry again. I am not suggesting that Peter Katz wrote his own review. I am suggesting that a man named Andrew Katz wrote a glowing review of Peter Katz's show.
If the Andrew Katz who wrote the review for my blog is not related to Peter Katz, it is an odd coincidence. Certainly if I reviewed a show by someone with the last name of Nestruck, I would go to great pains to point out that I was not related to the people involved with the show. It certainly looks suspicious... Anyway, I have heard from neither Peter Katz nor Andrew Katz about this. Peter? Andrew?
I will, however, be happy to post your letter on my blog. And anyone elses for that matter:

T.J. Dawe leading Rainer Hersch on Hot or Not!

Rainer is currently scoring 7.4/10, but T.J. is currently at 7.9/10 as of 1:31 am EST Thursday. Close race!

The Fringe Blogger is in third place with a respectable 6.8/10.

A reminder: you can view a naked picture of Rainer Hersch here.

Rabble babble

I promised I wouldn't mention I certain bald-headed, yellow-glasses-wearing, Augusto Boal wannabe whose initials are D.K. anymore, and so I won't. However, if you are interested in what the-person-who-shall-not-be-named is up to, please feel free to check out the disinformation he is trying (in vain, I think) to spread on Here are the two links:

First Thread
Second Thread

(Note that my good name and this blog are besmirched in them! Pathos! Bathos!)

Keep sending your Fringe gossip and reviewery to

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