Friday, June 13, 2003

Friday Evening Mailbag: Fringe! Flamers! M.J. Milloy!

Let's start with the Fringe stuff...

From the improv show Uncalled For, Anders Yates (he's the one whose head is superimposed onto a sperm in the cast picture) writes:
First off, thanks for the perfect mix of impartiality and a totally biassed plug. I appreciate it. Now on to comment on your picks:
I'd add Tyrannous Rex to the Must See list just because it's directed by one half of Sabotage and the one he directed last year (which also featured the same star) got great reviews from the few people who actually saw it. I believe it got the Centaur award too.
I agree with most of your must see picks, (especially those Circus Cowboys. I saw their Fringe For All, and they are really entertaining. Picture one cowboy standing on the other cowboy's head and doing lasso tricks. 'Nuff said), I just wish there was room for more, like TJ Dawe's main show, A Canadian Bartender at Butlin's. Oh well, on to your pans.
As much as I gotta say you're right about Star Wars Survivor, I'm still gonna see it. Why? The same reason I watched American Pie or There's Something About Mary. Gross-out jokes do work on me from time to time. I saw their show last year, Cobra: The Musical, and it was a huge mess of really low-brow humour, but I have to admit that even through the soaring temperatures of their oven of a venue, I laughed quite a bit. Still, I'm hoping for more from the TJ Dawe directed One Man Star Wars Trilogy.

Anders: I completely agree with your pick of Tyrannous Rex. This duo's show last year, The Elephant Club won a Frankie and got a run at the Centaur. While I did not get to see The Elephant Club, I heard it was amazing.
As for T.J. Dawe's new show, I'm sure it will be wonderful, but that lovable scoundrel doesn't need any encouragement from me. He'll sell out every show, no problem. The One Man Star Wars Trilogy is directed by T.J. too, is it? I hope he isn't spreading himself too thing.
TOMSTWT brings back memories of Fringe wonder Rick Miller (MacHomer, But is it Art?). Could be good or bad.
As for Star Wars Survivor, I didn't even realize it was by the same people who did Cobra: The Musical. That's even more reason not to go. I thought that show was horrendous [see 5/30/2003]. How much you want to bet the guy who played Serpentor is going to be Darth Vader?
- Thanks for writing, Anders!

From No Cycle, Liesl writes:
Agreement in show choices, but I think "Jem Rolls" should be added, as he was fantastic last year. Lots of energy. If you didn't get to see him then, be sure to check him out.
- Thanks Liesl.

Winner of the Lede Writing Contest

The Challenge [Check out 5/29/2003] was to come up with a worse lede for this story from The Calgary Sun:

Urine won’t be the only thing Calgary city hall is flushing away with the installation of new urinals.
The renovations will save $50 a year in water costs, but will cost $1,800 for the four units.
The city installed the new water-saving urinals Thursday, as part of its move to make civic facilities environmentally friendly.

Well, we have a winner, and that winner is M.J. Milloy, Montreal journalist and blogger at His lede was:

You're in luck if you hoped Calgary city hall wouldn't flush plans for environmental improvements at city hall.

Ow... That's horrendous! Congratulations M.J. You win a beer with me. That's right. I'll be hanging out at the Montreal Fringe Beer Tent next Saturday and, if you show up, I'll buy you a beer. If you don't we'll do it another time.

Thanks to all those who entered!

My First Flame!

You're not a true blogger until people start flaming you. I guess my time has finally come because a visitor-- who goes by the name of Liane -- left this comment on my last entry:

I can't help but feel sorry for you. You seem like a very selfish, self-involved person who likes to conceive of himself as enlightened. Somebody had to say it.

Bam! Thanks Liane...
And if anyone has any clue as to what might have provoked Liane to leave that message, I'd love to find out.

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