Saturday, June 14, 2003

Fringe Facts and Staffing Snafus! (Plus, the return of Blork...)

The First Show to Officially Sell Out a Performance...

... was Uncalled For, the improv comedy show featuring Matt Goldberg, Dan Jeannotte, Mike Hughes, Caitlin Howden, and Anders Yates -- and deservedly so. These five have been performing improv together for close to five year now, since they all went to John Abbott College together.

There was no "mystery guest" at last night's show. However, sources have informed me of three of the mystery guests who will show up in future shows. MuchMusic VJ Amanda Walsh (also a JAC Improv alumna) will be guest-starring for one of the shows this week, and Mark Chavez and Shenoah Allen, the hilarious guys from Sabotage, will be dropping by for Friday's show. Ron Scott, the blue-eyed star of Ninjas Get All the Chicks, is rumoured to be appearing at another of the shows.

Staffing Snafu: Dubinsky in doo-doo again?

Hawkeyed Fringers will have no doubt noticed that a certain Ira “Scooby” Dubinsky (see his picture at the top of the page here), formerly Assistant Producer, is nowhere to be found on the Fringe staff this year. Sources say that this is because he was summarily dismissed by Jeremy and Patrick earlier this year, despite alleged verbal assurances that he had his job back.
(Perhaps he was not brought back because it was HIM who was responsible for Art Duchamps' death last year?)
No skin off of Dubinsky’s nose, of course. He was quickly hired to work on Communications by the Just For Laughs Festival.

More Staffing Snafus

Did anyone notice that Ken “Captured-by-the-Taliban” Hechtman, local journalist and grungy-leather-jacket wearer, was hired on to fill the "Box Office Software" position? Could his brotherly status with Producer Jeremy Hechtman have anything to do with this?
Tsk… Tsk… Of course not! Put those thoughts of nepotism out of your mind. Ken was hired because he has the white stuff for the job, of course.
Er… Sorry. Did I say “white stuff”? I meant “Right Stuff”.

Has Donovan King shown up yet?

Inquiring minds want to know: where is shit-disturber/Car-Stories-Guy Donovan King this year? Will he hold another weird protest? Will he eat a peach? Will he roll his trousers?
Until he shows up and does something gossip-worthy, spend a moment reading this fun-to-read decision rendered by the Conseil du Presse de Quebec a couple of years ago, after King's 2001 complaint against everyone on earth. Needless to say, the complaint was not upheld.
Does anyone know what the verdict was in King's trial (started this April only) after he was arrested for protesting 2001's Frankies?

Blork is Back

That's right... Blork's Infinitely Unqualified Reviews is back up for the 2003 Montreal Fringe. So far he has reviewed Sluts are Only Human and At Random.

Got Fringe gossip? Send it to!

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