Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Montreal Fringe Finito

Well, this year's Montreal Fringe is over and I'm back in smoggy Toronto, where I have a week left to recooperate before the Toronto Fringe begins. Whew...

If you didn't catch the Frankies, here's a list of the winners:

The Spirit of the Fringe award went to Ron Scott's Almost Productions for the second year in a row. Again, I reiterate: Damnit Ron, why are you so likeable? Almost Productions (which presented Ninjas Get All the Chicks this Year) wins a free spot in next year's Fringe.

The Centaur Showcase Award went to Hamlet, which was a bit of a surprise, because every knew it was good, but no one seemed to think it was going to win. The Lit Moon theatre company will bring their physical/visual Hamlet back to Montreal in the fall, so you and I can catch it.

The Just For Laughs Prize went to Sabotage, which you may have read ahead of time here on the J. Kelly Nestblog. Those crazy kids will be back in Montreal for JFL, with a place in the On the Edge series.

The Chapters best text award went to Jerome Saibil and Eli Batalion for the second year in a row for JOB II: The Demon of the Eternal Recurrence, the sequel to last year's JOB: The Hip-Hop Musical.

The Chapters best French-language text award was won by Theatre du Cloitre for Richard III ou la chute du corbeau, which I picked (without seeing the play) as one of my Shows to Avoid like SARS. Shame! Shame on me!

La Derniere Mise by Delegation du Cerveau Droit cleaned up the rest of the prizes, winning the Theatre d'Aujourd'hui Award for best French play and the Infinitheatre prize.

And, finally, the award you've all been waiting for. On the Fence's Montreal Fringe Blog Prize for Best-Looking Black-Curly-Haired Monologist goes to T.J. Dawe, who was rated as an 8/10 on Hot or Not, with 57 votes. Rainer Hersch from All Classical Music Explained came in second with a 7.3/10 rating with 62 votes.

And the last word goes to...

.. Mr. Rainer Hersh, from All Classical Music Explained, who writes:

Needless to say I am flattered and entertained to find that I have such a colourful past. Naturally, I deny everything.

You may be interested to know that the naked picture of me you feature on your site is one of ten or so such poses I took at major tourist sights around London for my first ever Canadian fringe offering "The Mass Bands of the Grenadier Guards and R.A.F. Flypast Plus Support" (1994). Whatever you may think of its aesthetic qualities, allow me to point out that I am standing without any clothes next to a man on a horse with a sword. He was very angry indeed. While this picture was being taken, the horse reared up and almost unseated the rider, causing anguish to the horseguards regiment which (for all I know) persists to this day. Shame you have never seen the picture I took outside Buckingham Palace.

My warm wishes and thanks to fringers everywhere
Rainer Hersch

Thanks Rainer... And thanks to all who emailed or posted comments on my blog this week. It was a lot of fun keeping this online Montreal Fringe blog, so hopefully I'll do it again next year.
And keep on visiting the blog, as I update it regularly with mudane non-Fringe related stuff. Also, starting next Wednesday, you should be able to get your gossip about the Toronto Fringe here, though, frankly, they don't party as well here in T-dot, so there won't be as much silliness to post.

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