Saturday, June 21, 2003

Saturday Fringing! Extra Shows! Rumours! Janis Kirshner!

Well, I almost missed the train from Toronto, but here I am and ready to Fringe. Here's my schedule for tomorrow:

13h15: No Cycle at Geordie Space (4001 Berri)

14h30: Beer Tent Fun/Games

16h00: The Power of Ignorance at La Chapelle (3700 St-Dominique)

20h00: Ninjas Get All the Chicks (3997 St. Laurent)

21h30: Uncalled For (4247 St. Dominique)

Midnight: Tyrannous Rex at Geordie (4001 Berri)

When I am not in a show, I will be hanging out in the Beer Tent. There, I will be accepting verbal complaints and/or beer.

Uncalled For Announces Extra Show!

Hey Kelly,

Just thought I'd let you and your blog-readers know that Uncalled For has just been picked up for a bonus show this Sunday at midnight, after the Frankie Awards. The extra performance will be at Venue 8 and is a fund-raiser for the festival. As usual, it promises to be completely different from every other show we've done, simply because hey, that's improv. Hope to see you there,

Anders the dirty corporate sell-out

More Janis Kirshner Bashing! An English Man Writes

In response to my crazed attack on Mirror reviewer Janis Kirshner's writing, a blog reader writers: I also read said review of TJ Dawe by Janis Kirshner. And my immediate response was that it would in no way be well received in the UK.

Seeing the piece (which was/is fantastic) last night reinforced this impression -- the average Brit /[insert nationality of choice here] with no knowledge or experience of Canadian culture would not get many of the comparitor references being made -- bumming a fag remains a daily event for thousands back where I come from. I know this doesn't buttress your literary arguments particularly well, but I like to hope that it adds to the overall impression of the review.

In other news, I and others were heavily impressed by Tyrannous Rex, Nicola Gunn's one woman rampage through the Scottish countryside, black leopard in tow. Each of the characters/caricatures was a beauty to behold, the transformations magically swift, the plot itself well written, if a little rushed at times. One can see why Gunn one the Centaur award last year. Go see this weekend.

An Englishman in Canada

Thanks AEIC, more fodder for my overly-harsh Kirshner vendetta. As for Tyrannous Rex, I have Nicola Gunn's show scheduled in tonight at 24h00. I cannot wait. See you in the beer tent.

Why it is important for weeklies (and other news sources) to review out-of-town shows...

In response to my complaint yesterday that not enough Montreal shows were reviewed in the Hour & Mirror, a blog reader writes:
Being parochial is fine, but some of us out of towners rely on the net reviews to see how our favourites are doing. Montrealers (Montrealites?) can enjoy the fringe experience in the time honoured manner of randomly picking several productions in the hope of chancing on one or two gems, thus gaining new experiences and supporting up and coming actors. Actors who travel, especially from overseas, have significantly greater expenses that can only be offset by bums on seats. Their travel schedules and lack of local knowledge make self promotion more difficult. They need publicity.

You make a very good point, sir. Thanks for writing.

Frankies: Rumour

Sources close to the jury say that the frontrunner for the Just For Laughs prize is.... Sabotage. We'll see what happens at the Frankies Sunday night.

Got a hunch? Want to have your say? Send in your picks for the Centaur Best Show prize, the Just For Laughs Prize, Spirit of the Fringe, and all other Frankies to I'll post your choices on Sunday.

Quick Fringe Hits

The Black Fringe Page has a comprehensive list of ALL reviews and Fringe articles online. Check it out here. The guy's recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies is here.

Does anyone know if this Vava character really exists? She's really hot.

Blork hasn't reviewed a show since Monday... Is he all right?

Yes, I know there was a skirmish in the Beer Tent on Thursday. If you really want to know about it, you can read the comments people have posted on this page. I would advise, however, seeking out other sources on this subject...

The Short-Curly-Black-Haired Monologist Hot or Not Challenge Continues! Rainer Hersch remains steady at 7.4/10, while T.J.'s rating has increased to 8.0/10. Meanwhile, my score has decreased to 6.2/10, but I am just going to pretend that it is somehow Donovan King's fault.

My New Yorker summer fiction issue has arrived. Includes articles by Jonathan Franzen and David Sedaris. Huzzah!

Keep sending that sweet, sweet gossip to Don't forget to send in your picks for the Frankies!

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