Wednesday, July 02, 2003

First Day of the Toronto Fringe is over...

... and despite my claims that I would see a couple of shows tonight, I have yet to see a single one. Various factors -- including work, a snarky (but then apologetic) ticket vendor, and a pot of uneaten Pad Thai noodles with chicken -- conspired to keep me from the Fringe.

I did make a stop by the Transac club (aka Fringe HQ), however, to pick up my press pass (for my day job duties). While making a brief stop there (I left my 4-ways on), I did spot one Imponderable (the sinister-looking one with the dark hair; Tony Lombardo?), and one of the talented women from Unsinkable and the Hungarian Suicide Duel (either Michelle Winters or Lori Delorme), Fringe hits from years gone by.

Also hanging around the beer tent playing their guitars were James Downing and Paul Gibson, the stars of That Boy, a play described as 'Othello' meets 'Spinal Tap' and this year's winner of the Fringe New Play Contest.

I promise some real honest-to-goodness, I-hung-around-the-Fringe-and-saw-some-shows news tomorrow. For now, you'll have to make do with the fact that my article from Saturday's National "Your Canada, Your Post" Post is finally online , accompanied by a lovely picture of the talented Nicola Gunn from Tyrannous Rex.

Ottawa Fringe was a success

Since I am now striving to make my blog Your Number One Stop For Canadian Fringe News (tm), let me tell you this: The Ottawa Fringe Festival closed on Sunday having increased their audiences by 10%.

The Ottawa Fringe - which currently wrapped up its 7th season - is smallish (40+ shows, 4 venues), but it is growing and seems to have a lot of spunk. It is also the only Fringe outside of Montreal's that tries to be billingual.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that the People Choice Award went to Vision Theatre's production of Daniel MacIvor's Never Swim Alone (a Fringe favourite). If you Ottawans did not catch it, the show will be remounted at Arts Court Theatre Aug. 20 to 24.

In the Fringe round-up article, Catherine Lawson reports that:
- Third Wall Theatre Co. of Ottawa won the award for outstanding comedy for An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein.
- John Huston's from Creeping Murmur and Pouring Dark won for outstanding solo performer.
- Job II: The Demon of the Eternal Recurrence won awards for outstanding concept and outstanding original work.
- Outstanding visual design went to Maximilius Draconius by Groupe des deux of Ottawa.
- Independent Auntie Productions of Toronto won outstanding performance for Clean Irene and Dirty Maxine.
- The Spirit of the Fringe award went to Brian Sostek and Megan McClellan who presented Trick Boxing.

Note to Fringe Festival Producers: Just because your festival is over doesn't mean that you should stop updating your website. Neither the Montreal, nor the Ottawa Fringes have put the list of prize winners up on their sites. Which is why people end up here...

Send your Fringe-related gossip or news to J. Kelly is now at the Toronto Fringe, fringing it up in a fringey way.

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