Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Fringe Diary: I'm Exposed!

Donovan King, the man behind the "Reclaim the Fringe" movement has "exposed" me as a corporate blogger working for CanWest Global in cahoots with the Fringe festival to undermine his movement and keep the man down. Check it out, yo..

Mr. King has been upset at the Fringe festivals, what he calls Fringe (TM), since his show Car Stories was kicked out of the 2001 Montreal Fringe. Mr. King claims that the Gazette threatened to removed its sponsorship from the festival if Car Stories was not kicked out.

The independent Quebec press association and many journalists have investigated the situation and found there to be no real basis for Mr. King's claims.

Michael writes...

Michael, who keeps an excellent page on the Montreal Fringe, writes in response to this poorly-written press release from Donovan and/or his minions:

Somebody ought to tell the minions (or is it the fool himself posting under different names?) that Chuck McEwen is no longer president of CAFF. I gather his term has expired, and Miki Stricker is now president (and I believe Chuck is now treasurer or secretary).

At least, over on the Ottawa Fringe site, she/he has a message on behalf of CAFF. I think she must be running Ottawa now, though she was previously listed with one of the Fringes out West. But unfortunately, like most things Fringe related, CAFF doesn't have a website, or much of an internet presence, so it's really hard to be certain. I've tried to drill nto Patrick and Jeremy's heads that the way to control these outside threats to the Fringe is by being out there themselves.

I wonder how long after the Idiot discovers that Chuck McEwen is no longer president of CAFF that they will claim that they got him fired from the position?

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Dr. said...

What absolute nonsense! King is transforoming the Canadian theatre as we know it, despite all the adversity, ignorant comments, and lack of funds. Just look at his latest creation - Sinking Neptune: