Saturday, July 19, 2003

Summer Blogging Madness!

Okay, clearly I haven't been updating that often lately. But, forgoshsakes, it's summer!

What are you doing on the Internet, anyway? Go outside and play catch or something...

Memo to Friends

"Hey! Go to Google and type in 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' and then hit 'I'm Feeling Lucky'..."

Yeah, yeah, I know already!

I can't believe how many people have sent me emails about this. They come in waves.

Could this be the biggest meme yet? Bigger than "all your base are belong to us"?

Someone should track this. Is there some sort of memetracker out there?

Personal Testimonies

What anonymous people are saying about On the Fence and/or J. Kelly Nestruck:

"How fucking pathetic... Who this Nestruck person? A friend (or, more likely, child of a friend) of the Aspers?" -- greyherring, Frank website.

"Much worse than [Rebecca] Eckler - and that is saying something." -- lurker, Frank website.

"Kelly, you certainly are a right-wing press slut! You should get a green card and go work at Disney World in the States! Or CNN - same difference." -- poster going by the name of Coutney.

"you're just ludicrous ... quit journalism while you're ahead." -- greyherring, again on the Frank website.

Insults always welcome at

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