Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Toronto Fringe Kicks Off

Well, tomorrow [ed. Today, I suppose] the Toronto Fringe begins and I better start attending plays immediately, or I'll never get through the 30 or so shows that I circled while going through the program.

Unfortunately, four of the shows I really want to see are all scheduled at the same time tomorrow: Nharcolepsy, Toothpaste and Cigars, A Canadian Bartender at Butlin's, and P.S. 69. These are all at 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm.

And there's not really any show I want to see afterwards.

Perhaps this is, in fact, a blessing, because then I am forced to go see a show I know nothing about at 10 or 11.

All right then. If anyone wants to recommend a show that's on at 10:00, 10:30 or 11:00 tomorrow and post it here, I will go see it.

Or, I suppose, I will just go home and go to sleep.

Eye spy with my little Eye..

That the Eye Fringe Page is up and running. You can go and post your reviews there starting, well, now. Be aware, however, that if you post a review before a show opens, everyone knows that you're related to/are a member of the cast.

NOW? Yes, of course. Jon Kaplan has his guide to the first day of the Fringe up on the NOW website right here. Kaplan and Glenn Sumi will be posting their reviews online throughout the festival.

Oh, has a list of shows, venues, times, etc., as well has a short article with the enigmatic headline "Theatre that’s shakin’ – and stirred." (What does that mean?)

With all these interactive sites available, my blog doesn't seem like it will have much of a purpose, now does it? Nonetheless, I will endeavour to post any gossipy bits that I hear during the fest. Also, I will post anything you send me at, provided that you are not a crazy person. Or you can post comments on the entries by clicking on the comment button: I don't know how to edit or delete comments that people post here, so you can write whatever you want there.

Have a good Fringe!

More Fringe in the News

Saturday's National Post Fringe Preview is archived online here. The Post's Top Ten Best Bets of the Fringe are also there....

...The Toronto Star had a Fringe Fest preview recommending certain shows last Thursday by Derrick Chua, which is a little weird, because Chua is the president of the board of the Fringe. This is weird for two reasons: 1) it seems somewhat wrong for the president of the board of the Fringe to recommend certain shows over others, and 2) It seems a little wrong for the Star to have Chua write a preview of his own festival. (I think the Star is guilty of the lesser evil, because they at least identified who Chua was at the end of the article.) There was also an article about Victoria Goring (Happy) and Sunday Muse (Bitty Idiot) by Robert Crew.

...T.J. "Mirvish of the Fringe" Dawe was profiled in the Toronto Sun today. In the interview, Dawe revealed this startling fact: He "shunned the Vancouver Fringe Theatre Festival during his high-school days because he thought it was full of weirdos."
Well, sounds like High-School T.J. (That'd me an interesting premise for a sitcom) had it right on. Of course, the Fringe is full of weirdos....

Happy Canada Day, by the way.

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