Saturday, November 29, 2003

Canadian Blog Wars! (As if...)

The most important thing that Professor Desmond Morton imparted to me at McGill was that the idea that Canadians are peacekeepers is more myth than anything else.
Nonetheless, it can't be denied that there is some truth to the stereotype of Canadians as quiet, polite compromisers.

To wit: the recent Blog battle between Macleans back-pager Paul Wells and National Post columnist Colby Cosh. Here's how it went:

Round 1: Wells writes a blog entry about how the nuts and bolts of public service, legislation, etc. "has vanished from the Press Gallery’s priority list." He blames (in part) his old paper The National Post, which he says has diminished in quality steadily over the past few years.

Round 2: Colby Cosh responds: "[Wells'] self-interested claim that the Post was so much better when he was there has now grown too noxious though incessant repetition to be tolerated, even if true, and sits uneasily alongside a self-conscious attempt to clamber up to a moral summit of media criticism. "

Round 3: Wells refutes Cosh, writing that "Colby's snide assertion that I have criticized the Post only since I left is at odds with the record, which I would demonstrate if I could get any access to Infomart around here." [Note: Does anyone else find it dubious that Wells would ever be incapable of accessing Infomart, but was capable of posting to his blog?]

Round 4: An infuriated Colby Cosh fires back by... agreeing with Wells' original points? Saying that his "original point was stoopid"?

What? Are there no fun feuds here in Canada? Not even in the blogosphere?

Come on boys! Duke it out! Sigh...


- Alternate headers for this entry:
"Osh-Kosh, B'Gosh, Cosh!"
"Well, Inkwell, It sure is swell that All's Wells that ends Well."
"Fuck you, you Canadian journalist motherfucker!"
- I wasn't the only one who was hoping for a real dust-up.
- Maybe I should pick a fight with someone. Like, I dunno, Warren "Kick-ass" Kinsella?

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