Thursday, November 20, 2003

Memories of Shish Taouk

Went back to Montreal this weekend and ate at Boustan twice. Man, there just ain't nothing like a Boustan Shish Taouk plate at 3 in the morning.
I'm glad they remembered me. When I lived on Mackay St in my last year at McGill, I ordered from Boustan an average of twice a week. And when I was passing by, I'd often drop in, just to look at that picture of Trudeau eating a falafel there.
I hate to link to The McGill Tribune -- the archrival of the McGill paper I wrote at -- but this article is quite good. Learn the story behind Mr. Boustan. Also, shocking evidence of two-tier healthcare in Quebec: one tier for falafel vendors and another for the hoi polloi.


So why is there no Shish Taouk in Toronto? All there seems to be is the inferior twirling Middle Eastern meat chicken Shawarma/Shwarma.
The woman at my local schwarma (god knows how you spell it) shop says it's because Shish Taouk is Lebanese and there are few Lebanese in Toronto, whereas Montreal has lots of Lebanese.
Anyone who can confirm that out there?

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