Monday, November 17, 2003

Sarah Kane

I'd like to recommend whole-heartedly Crave, the Sarah Kane play currently playing at the Monument Nationale in Montreal. Directed by Kate Bligh, a Temenos production. It runs for another week, so if you're in Montreal, I say go see it.

I went to see it on Saturday night, after having written this article about Kane and the popularity of her work in Montreal for The Post.

Here's Matt Radz's rave review from The Montreal Gazette. I'd like to echo his rave. It's one of the most affecting theatre experiences I've been privy to. And, like the best theatre I've seen, it keeps resonating more and more, the longer I think about it.


- Maintained by Iain Fisher, this page is a great web resource for info about playwright Sarah Kane.

- Some have disagreed with the artistic merits of the Temenos production of Crave, notably the Hour's theatre critic Jason Whiting. In the interest of balance, here's his review.
It should be noted, however, that Whiting, who replaced the excellent Gaetan Charlebois as the Hour's critic, has personal issues with the director Kate Bligh, which I think have severely hampered his judgement here. If you know the situation, you can really read the bitter subtext here. Since he's the only critic for The Hour, I guess there was no choice but to have him review it. I hope given the bad blood, he will opt out of discussions of this play when the Montreal English Critics Circle meets next year to discuss the MECCA awards.
-In the interest of exposing all biases, it should also be noted that I have known Kate for a number of years now and have worked with her in the past. Which makes me all the more happier that this production is so good. There's nothing better than seeing a friend succeed.

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