Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Follow-up on Crave

Frequent readers of this space may remember my comments on Temenos' production of Crave by Sarah Kane, which was presented at the Monument National in Montreal in November. Said readers may also remember my condemnation of Hour reviewer Jason Whiting's review, which was drivel and the only one that saw no merit in the production.

Well. Since then, a well-intentioned but clearly-written-by-a-friend-of-the-cast rebuttal letter has appeared in Hour [Dec. 4; not online, damnit], Amy Barrett at The Mirror has decided that the show was "controversial", and Whiting has left the building, retiring from Theatre Reviewing to return to producing theah-tah himself.

Is it coincidence that Whiting is gone from the Hour a little over a month after his Crave review? Yeah, probably.
Anyway, while I've always been critical of Whiting's critiques, I wish him the best of luck. It's a difficult transition for a critic to make, one ripe with peril.


... all of which leads to the question, who will replace Whiting? I don't suppose there's any chance Gaëtan Charlebois could be lured back?

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