Monday, December 01, 2003

Montrealers on the Loose in Toronto! (I)

If you're in Toronto and looking for something to do this Wednesday, why not check out Jessie Stein & Jason Bajada at the El Mocambo (494 Spadina Ave). Jessie Stein is a transplanted singer-songwriter Montrealer who now calls Toronto her home. I always think of Jessie as being, like, 15 years old, because when I first met her, she was still a high school student and kept having to sneak into Montreal bars to watch local bands. I don't think I've ever met anyone who was so dead set on making music her life.
Jason Bajada is another Montrealer, but he's still based there. Formerly the frontman of a band called Ocean Hope (which was basically a solo project), Bajada sold out his recent concert at Le Cabaret in Montreal. A great musician and one of the nicest, most laid-back guys I've ever met.

Montrealers on the Loose in Toronto! (II)

"In the same week that The Producers premiered in Toronto, a very different kind of musical theatre opened across town. On Tuesday, Montrealers Eli Batalion and Jerome Saibil reprised their roles as Biblical brothers MC Cain and MC Abel in Job: The Hip-Hop Saga, at the Tarragon Theatre, bounding onstage in their track suits and do-rags to rap, 'MC Abel and MC Cain / We've done it before, we goin' do it again / So throw your hands high like you's insane / It's the story of Job, allegory of pain.'" Full story (by me).
Job: The Hip-Hop Saga is a combo of Job: The Hip-Hop Musical and Job II: The Demon of Eternal Recurrence, both Fringe Festival hits. The shows feel a little different outside of the Fringe setting and seeing both of them in a row can be a little tiring; but if you haven't seen these guys do their thing, you should definitely catch them at the Tarragon Extra Space before they close on December 14. Details and such.
I knew these two way back in high school, when they were students at Bialik High School. We used to compete at debating tournaments. Uh, did I say debating tournaments? I mean, rap battle. Yeah. Rap battles...

Post-script: Montrealers on the Loose in Toronto (Bonus round)

Denys Arcand was here in Toronto a couple of weeks ago to promote Les Invasions Barbares a.k.a. The Barbarian Invasions. (My interview with him.) Have you seen it yet? Why not? It has subtitles now, you unilingual silly...

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