Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Roger Toupin: épicier variété

Went to see this documentary -- about the long-time owner of a Plateau Mont-Royal dépanneur that closed down last year -- at Excentris today. It was beautiful.
I was under the impression it was about gentrification, but it was more generally about change and changing. (Background: Gazette; Voir;

Réalisateur Benoît Pilon doesn't shy away from long, long shots. How nice to have a camera linger on someone's face for more than three seconds at a time. M. Toupin has the most gorgeously fascinating face and, like my father, has "atchaforia" eyes. (One eye's atcha and the other eye's for ya, as papa puts it...)

Quebec's contribution to 2003, which pundits across the continent are dubbing The Year of the Documentary...

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