Thursday, December 18, 2003

Theatre Thursday: I wanna be a Producer!

Well, Mel Brooks' megamusical The Producers opened in Toronto a week ago today. You either like it (Globe and Mail, National Post)... Or you kinda like it , sorta (Toronto Star, Eye, NOW).

Me? You want my little opinion? Well, it's fun and, yeah, it's funny. All the reviewers above are pretty much right in their assessments.

Moving on, there are two things people alwayswrite about the play that bug me to no end:

1) The Producers is "certain to offend everyone" and/or politically-incorrect, etc., etc.
-- Really, there ain't nothing offensive about it at all. I don't see anyone picketing outside the show. Maybe in 1968 when the movie came out. I guess, in post-9/11 America, The Producers is what counts as risque...

2) The Producers marks the revival of the Golden Age Broadway Musical.
-- No siree. If anything, it's a last hoorah. (Brooks should, by the way, not go ahead with his plans to turn Young Frankenstein into a musical. There's a misguided idea if I've ever heard one...)


- Okay, I've really got to say, I'm not a big fan of Kamal Al-Solayee's theatre reviews in The Globe. Some of them are pretty well-written, incisive, etc. But every so often they're just humdingingly bad. Say what you will about Kate Taylor, she never would have started a review with: "Hooray to the American musical comedy!" Pure ugh!
- Casting for next year's West End production of The Producers has finally been set: Richard Dreyfuss as the bombastic Max Bialystock and -- more interesting to me -- Lee Evans as timid, mousy Leo Bloom.

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