Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Our man Arcand

Well, it's Oscar Nomination Tuesday and the big news in Canada is that Denys Arcand's The Barbarian Invasions has been nominated for Best Foreign Film AND Best Screenplay. It's rare that a foreign film gets into the general categories.

I just spoke with Arcand over the phone and he sounded... well, he sounded tired. It is three hours earlier in Los Angeles right now and he's probably been doing phoners for a couple of hours now. (For the actual content what he said tiredly, you'll have to read the Post tomorrow.)

Arcand's nominations come on the heels of Canadians winning both world cinema audience awards at Sundance: Jean-Fran?ois Pouliot's La Grande S?duction (Seducing Doctor Lewis) took the drama award, while Jennifer Abbott and Mark Achbar's The Corporation won the documentary award.

In celebration, could we maybe stop whining about our film industry for a couple of weeks? For a country of our size, this is not half bad, yo.


It seems to me that awards and acclaim like this kinda show how Canada's government funding agencies for film are good things.

Financial Post eic Terence Corcoran, of course, disagrees. He has a piece bashing The Corporation today. (Yes, The Post website has gone subscription. Sorry.) Taking a stab at film criticism, Corcoran calls the filmmakers "cultural welfare recipients" and the movie "an evil, ugly and dishonest pack of lies."

I look forward to tomorrow's paper, when Corcoran will review Radiohead's latest album, "Hail to the Thief."

Seriously though, I'm glad to see Corcoran writing about The Corporation, because it means that it's getting a wider audience than just leftist Mooreites AND that it's actually fostering debate. (Or angry screeds, anyway.)

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