Friday, January 16, 2004

Ronnie Burkett

What can I say? Burkett's new adult puppet show Provenance is beautiful.

Among the many, many things it made me ponder: Why so few verse dramas these days? They're gorgeous to listen to and they work. Was Maxwell Andersen the last major verse dramatist writing in English? Anyone know any playwrights writing like that now?

Post-script: Just a couple more things...

-- My colleague Aaron Wherry, the Post's "Pop" columnist, has just started blogging.

-- For those looking for a decided different look at English Montreal theatre, check out The Indie Theatre Times and Review edited by Jason C. Maclean of Travesty Theatre. Writes Maclean: "This publication features two anonymous critics, CRITIC A & CRITIC B, who can be played by anyone on the paper's staff or from the outside. True, their reviews are entertaining, but what's wrong with a little theatrics while reviewing theatre."

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