Thursday, January 29, 2004

Two good guys: My landlord and Paul Wells

A) My landlord is real swell. I locked myself out of my apartment and had to ring his doorbell at 1 am this morning. He let me in without even a grimace. Quote: "No problem."
I suppose that's his job and all, but I come from Montreal, where the landlords won't do anything and grimace at everything. Three cheers for Mark! (And his wife Pam, who I also woke up.)

B) Paul Wells, Maclean's Backpager and Blogger Par Excellence, has left a couple of comments on my blog in the entries "Self-flagellatilicious" and "Our man Arcand." Click on the comments links below those entries to read what the man has to say. (I mention this only because on some computers, you can't tell that anyone has posted comments.)


I'm home late after attending a talk given by Ken Finkleman at Massey College. It was part of a young journalist meet-and-greet organized by Philip Preville on behalf of the Canadian Journalism Fellowships (what was called the Southam Fellowships until a certain media chain out of Winnipeg pulled the funding).

Among my many gaffes this evening:

1) I made fun of the deep-voiced satirical intro to CBC Radio's The Current in front of one of the guys who writes that bit.

2) I told Rebecca Caldwell from The Globe and Mail that "Caldwell" would be a good name for a brand of mayonnaise.

3) I kept making my "It's getting Hutton here" joke... Come on! It's funny, people!

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