Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Election-o-rama: Whither the N-Dippers?

Can a left-wing party make government corruption and/or waste an issue? I think so. In theory, the left should be the most infuriated by the misuse of public funds.

In practice, however, the NDP has dropped the ball on this whole Sponsorship Scandal. The latest poll shows the NDP down a percentage point, the only party to go down other than the Liberals. (Though, it is statistically insignificant given the margin of error.) Meanwhile, the leaderless Conservative party is going up, up, up...

So where was WonderBoy Layton last week while the proverbial shit was hitting the proverbial fan? He was at Duke University in North Carolina giving a speech about Star Wars.

And the NDP website? Not a word about the Auditor-General's report.

Anyway, Layton finally really gets into the fray today and what tack does he take?:

Ottawa — NDP leader Jack Layton says he's willing to form a minority government with Paul Martin's Liberals if the federal sponsorship scandal ends up denying the ruling party a majority of Parliamentary seats in an expected spring election.
"If the poll lines keep going the way they are going: us up ... and the Liberals down, then the probability of a minority government increases," he said.
But Mr. Layton says a non-negotiable precondition of any coalition with the Liberals will be holding a national referendum on switching to a new method of electing MPs to Parliament. "The condition of supporting any minority government would be that."
So the NDP is so appalled by Liberal cronyism that it will form a minority government with them?

Layton was playing his A-game up until last week... Now he's faltering. Now he's playing his B-game. So, is he going to step up and resume his A-game? Or is he going to back down and start playing a C-game or D-game or something?

I am really not into sports. Except squash.


-- A good article about Triumph the Insult Comic Dog by Colby Cosh in the American Spectator. Well, sort of good. Okay that bit about "[The outrage] being fomented by the social-democratic NDP, which is opposed to humor on principle" was a low blow. (But, I mean, what's he supposed to think, Alexa McDonough?)

-- BlogsCanada is running an election blog. Good times!

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