Monday, February 09, 2004

Funny Pictures of Pundits!

Exhibit A: Last week, washed-up liberal strategist Warren Kinsella posted these pictures on his blog.

The first one is of Kinsella giving the thumbs up as he waits for Paris Hilton to emerge from a bathroom at the Super Bowl. The second one is of the heiress-cum-sex-video-artist exiting from said port-o-potty.

Kinsella claims that there was a third, less stalkeresque picture of him and Paris, but that it didn't turn out or his friend didn't press the shutter button fully or something.


Exhibit B: Here is a picture of National Post editorialists Adam Daifallah and Jonathan Kay at a recent curling tournament [via Daifallah's blog].

See folks? Even the vast right-wing conspiracy takes time out to curl...

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