Friday, February 13, 2004

Is Copps off to the NDP? had a report up on its webpage earlier today titled "Sheila Copps to defect to NDP next week."

It began like this: "Longtime Liberal MP Sheila Copps is planning to defect to the New Democrats
early next week, says CTV's Mike Duffy. Copps has been..."

What came next? I don't know. It's been taken down. Did the Duffmaster make a mistake?

You can read the first lines via Google News.

There's also a CTV Newsnet video online here [about halfway down the page on the right] that is titled: "Copps ready to jump to NDP: report." But the video we see says nothing of the sort...

Curious. Perhaps something is being held for the front page of tomorrow's Globe and Mail, a CTV Bell Globemedia publication?


Hey, the boondoogilicious Jane Stewart is leaving politics. Bye.

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