Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Live from Dublin it's... I don't know. Monday? Tuesday?

Well, here I am in Ireland's capital city, staying at the Jurys Ballsbridge Hotel. I haven't slept, but I must stay up until at least 11 pm GMT in order to get into the groove here. So time for a little jetlagged blogging...

There's much to tell, but it's probably stuff that only I find interesting, so perhaps I'll hold it for another time.

Still, let me tell you this: on the BMI connecting flight from London to Dublin, they served "Bacon Panini." Yes, I couldn't believe my ears. In fact, I thought the stewardress was saying "Blanket 'n' Weenie," which I suppose is a fairly accurate description of what Bacon Panini is anyway... [Thankfully some webster has photographed this BMI delicacy.]

Another thing about BMI: The stewardesses. I've never understood the obsession some men (a certain Globe and Mail cub reporter comes to mind) have with airline hostesses. But now, I get it. I think it's these funky hats that do it for me...

The three hours I spent delayed in Heathrow airport this morning are the only hours I have ever spent in London. Two things: 1) The coffee is indeed horrible; and 2) I was so excited to read a print copy of The Guardian, a fabulous newspaper I'd previously only read online.

Re: the news in England. The two top stories that BBC kept running today were: a) The Maths Crisis; and b) The Badgers Disaster.

The way the BBC so seriously went on about badgers reminded me of our own over-earnest, but much-beloved CBC. I felt at home. [Could not one of the reporters have said, "Badgers? We don't need no stinkin' badgers..."]


All right, I'm off to meet Hillary Kaell, a former colleague of mine from The McGill Daily now living in Oxford, who I serendipitously ran into at Heathrow. She is also here for a week.

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