Saturday, February 14, 2004

Middle School Oral Sex Epidemic, Part III

Thank you to Anne Kingston for her sensible article on the Middle School Oral Sex Epidemic (MSOSE) in today's Saturday Post: Rainbow Club a social scare: How an urban myth swept the land (Sorry; subscription only).

Sadly, it was immediately counteracted by "Shocking the unshockable: what to say if you're concerned about your tween and sex" in today's Globe Focus section, Alanna Mitchell's follow-up to her scare-mongering piece from last week called "Good Girls Do."

One of the things you can't see when you read the "Shocking the Unshockable" piece online is that it is accompanied by a sexy picture of a 12-year-old lying provocatively on a couch. You can't see her face, but you the photo does focus in nicely on her butt. Here's a line from the story: "[If students were exposed to a course in media literacy,] they would see Janet Jackson's Super Bowl exposure and understand it for a marketing ploy. They could begin to understand who makes the images, who profits from them and whom they are aimed at." [Keep moving! No irony here... Look away!]

The caption to the photo, by the way, is "One of the teenagers who shared her [oral sex] experiences in last week's Focus feature is shown at her Toronto home: 'Wow. It sounds like there's a lot of this going on.'" [I said, Keep moving!]


Remember when Margaret Wente preceded her piece on the MSOSE with this warning: "The content of this column may offend some readers because of its frank sexual language."

Compare and contrast with the warning I put on my review of Bertolucci's The Dreamers on Friday: "The content of this review may offend some readers because of its frank sexual language. For that reason, please have someone read it to you with a seven-second delay."

Bam! Take that Wente! And your retrosexual husband too!

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