Friday, February 13, 2004

Paul Martin and the Meta-soundbite

From today's CanWest News Service follow-up to the sponsorhip scandal by Anne Dawson:
The prime minister [Paul Martin] said he will leave it to the judicial inquiry he announced this week to find out which crown corporation officials were complicit in the scam cited in auditor-general Sheila Fraser's report. But he left no doubt he intends to make those people pay.

"To quote another prime minister [Pierre Trudeau, during Quebec's 1970 October Crisis], you just watch me," Martin said.

Does this mean that he's going to invoke the War Measures Act?

Next, he'll be talking about the federal spending freeze with "Zap! You're frozen." What exactly is he paying Scott Feschuk for?

I can see someone coming up with a serious argument that we are in our first post-modern parliament: a purportedly new set of leaders, made up of old parts. And sampling bits of old speeches too apparently.


Andrew Coyne's site is back up, at a new address, and is your foremost place for Sponsorship Scandal blogging.

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