Thursday, February 19, 2004

Punktuation I: semicolons and gay marriage

The semicolon, a controversial punctuation mark, came out in favour of gay marriage this week. Read all about it in this article by AP reporters David Kravets and Lisa Leff:
Two judges delayed taking any action Tuesday to shut down San Francisco's same-sex wedding spree, citing court procedures as they temporarily rebuffed conservative groups enraged that the city's liberal politicians had already married almost 2,400 gay and lesbian couples.
The second judge told the plaintiffs that they would likely succeed on the merits eventually, but that for now, he couldn't accept their proposed court order because of a punctuation error.
It all came down to a semicolon, the judge said.
"I am not trying to be petty here, but it is a big deal ... That semicolon is a big deal," said San Francisco Superior Court Judge James Warren.
In response to this decision, House Republicans have threatened to withdraw funding from the MLA.

[More on the semicolon debate at Language Hat.]


-- I know what you're all wondering now: Who will the emdash support in the Conservative Party leadership race? My money's on Belinda.

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