Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Update on the Middle School Oral Sex Epidemic!

From today's Globe and Mail: "Call me a member of the Morally Uptight Club if you want, but I'd argue that there's a direct connection between Janet Jackson's tit-flash and the outbreak of oral sex in middle school."

Ladies and gentlemen: Margaret Wente, card-carrying member of the Morally Uptight Club, the Logic Schmogic Club, and the I'm-Terrified-of-Children-Today Club.

I particularly like that this column was preceded by a warning: "The content of this column may offend some readers because of its frank sexual language." I guess Greenspon put that in there, because it's impossible to put a seven-second time delay on a newspaper article.

[My previous entry on the MSOSE!]


My interview with Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci is online at The Post (and free for once). If there's one thing worse than an old hippie who has sold out, it's an old hippie who has sold out, but still thinks he's a revolutionary.

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