Thursday, March 18, 2004

All Coyne all the time.

Well, after writing about columnoblogger Andrew Coyne's fabulous thespian sister Susan, a little birdie e-mailed to tell me that Mememaster C. has another famous relative: Deborah Coyne, the lawyer who had what used to be called a love-child with former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. D. Coyne is now married to another Canadian pundit, the pornophobic Michael Valpy, who moralizes readers to death in The Globe and Mail.

Quite a family. But wait! There's more... Andrew and Susan Coyne's father was James Coyne, a former governor of the Bank of Canada who clashed with Diefenbaker in the 1960s. (The head of a bank with the last name Coyne? Rich!)

Anyway, I'm sure you're all fascinated to read about The Life and Times of A. Coyne, so here's an interesting old profile from the Ryerson Review of Journalism from back when he was still at The Globe. One interesting tidbit:

The younger Coyne inherited [his father's] penchant for standing alone. The first public example came when he was 19 and editor of the University of Manitoba's newspaper, The Manitoban. He refused to remove the word "cunt" from a page on which students sent messages to one another for a quarter. The mainstream press grabbed hold of the story, thrilled that this was happening to James Coyne's son. His refusal to take the word out led him all the way to the provincial publishing board,which came within one vote of firing Coyne.
I wonder if my compadres over at the present-day Manitoban know this story... (Ruslan? Teresa?)

[EDITED Saturday: 'H' extraction.]

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