Sunday, March 07, 2004

Bad boys, bad boys... What is she going to do?

As Warren Kinsella is saying on his pseudo-blog, "There's nothing wrong with losing, of course, as long as you are losing fair and square. Fair and square was conspicuous by its absence last night in Hamilton." [Quibble: I would have said, "Fair and square were conspicuous by their absence last night..."]

This whole Valeri-Copps Liberal nomination competition has stunk since day one. I hope Copps does appeal her loss from last night. Her mother, Kinsella and about 400 others were barred from voting, so they say. I don't know what's true and what's not, but something's rotten in the Natural Governing Party...

I am increasingly irritated with this Paul Martin character who is running our country. He's petty, vindictive and selfish. It takes a lot to make Chretien look like a fair and non-partisan Liberal, but Martin's done it through these nomination shenanigans (see Paul Wells )...

In the next election, vote Conservative, vote NDP, vote Green, I don't care... Just don't vote for the Martin Liberals.

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