Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Blogging about Talking about Blogging...

I had a fun time pretending to be a professor today... This afternoon, I gave a talk about weblogs at the University of Toronto in journalist-cum-playwrights Rick Salutin's Culture and Media in Canada class, which is part of the university's Canadian Studies program.

I had assumed that university students – especially those take a communications class – would all be blog savvy by this point. However, only about a third of class (out of 120) said that they had visited a blog and only one student actually had a blog of her own.

So I reconfigured my talk – which was going to be about the myth of the democratization of the media via blogs – to be a general blog primer. [Much debt owed to Rebecca Blood's account of the history of blogs and J.D. Lasica's "Random Acts of Journalism" concept.

The afternoon was a nice reminder of a few things: a) That not everyone spends every waking hour on the Internet like me; b) That the blogging community remains terribly insular; and c) That the word blog is really funny when spoken aloud over and over for half an hour.

To those of you visiting from Rick’s class: Hi. I had a great time today and you were a very gracious audience.

To the rest of you: J. Kelly Nestruck is available for conferences, classes and dinner parties. Will explain the mystical world of "web-logs" a.k.a. blogs and impart management secrets that will boost your company's profitability by 100%! Also: Make Money Online! Contact my representative at the Speaker's Bureau of Canada for pricing and availability.

[NB: As if.]

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