Friday, March 12, 2004

The Blogosphere: The sow that eats its farrow

As the Liberal sponsorship scandal – aka. AdScam – continues to unspool, former party strategist Warren Kinsella’s blog has become a must-read. [Perhaps you saw it referenced in recent articles about the Copps/Valeri nomination smackdown.]

But just when I was thinking, What a good Blogger Mr. Kinsella is, he goes and breaks the cardinal rule of blogging: Don’t give out your telephone number in a post! From yesterday:
Ever since the sponsorship story broke, I have been giving interviews to journalists about what I knew about Public Works, and what went on there. All of the journalists want dirt. They don't want to report this sentence, which I have insisted on giving them, on the record:
"Chuck Guité and these other public servants were officials who did their jobs, and did them honourably. They don't deserve to have their reputations destroyed, in my opinion."

Any reporters who want me to say that to them, call me at (416) 64x-0xxx. [The x's are mine. I will not be part of this folly.]
Well, the digits listed are actually his assistant's number, but still... If I were still in university, I'd totally be prank calling him right now. You know, leaving messages about the Prince of Darkness or kicking ass or something. [Kinsella's nickname was "Prince of Darkness"; He wrote a book called Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics.]

And then – making him look like the most out-of-it blogger out there – Kinsella posted this the same day he posted his number:
March 10, 2004 - Okay.
1. Go to
2. Type "weapons of mass destruction"
3. Hit "I'm feeling lucky"
You're welcome.
Dude, that google bomb is older than "miserable failure." That meme is so Summer 2003. Heck, there was even a story about it on Reuters back in July...


"What's with the blog bashing, Kelly?" you ask. Well, it's only because I am so fond of Kinsella's blog. Also, blog bashing is very en vogue today, ie. Jack Shafer politely taking down Gawker and Wonkette on Slate:
[A]fter several weeks of consuming every cartoon obscenity, bludgeoning wisecrack, and meta-knowing, callow riposte served on these two blogs, I've been asking myself: Are these blogs a part of the better world we hope to leave to our sons and daughters?
Well, yes, if we intend for our children to grow strong from sucking bile instead of milk.

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