Saturday, March 20, 2004


I know you're all going to stay perched by your televisions tonight, eagerly waiting to find out who the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada will be. Right? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Look, let's face it: I'm not really the blogster to be reading about this. Without John Stacow as a candidate, I have little interest in this race. So, I turn you over to some fine (neo-)conservobloggers:

-- Jonathan Colford. He's little nutty. Like former Prime Minister Mulroney, his understanding of Stalin is a little shaky. He worries about the size of his butt. And he's blogging live from the convention.

-- Adam Daifallah. Editorial writer at The Post. Also at the convention. His Final Three pick: Stephen Harper.

-- Andrew Coyne. A couple of people have said to me lately, "Dude, you're obsessed with Andrew Coyne!" Meh... What can I say? Guilty as charged.

[SPOILER: If you'd rather go out and party tonight, I'll give away the ending for you: Stephen Harper's going to win. Duh.]

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