Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Da Bomb!

Well, my Paul Martin Google Bomb Project is spreading across the Canadian web at the speed of a new Paris Hilton internet porn video. (NB: That hyperbolic simile was used solely to increase my hit count.)

The latest blogger take up the challenge is Karl Houlihan. Thank you Karl, for all you've done to help make fun of a certain ethics cocktease, who is a disappointment to his father and has an unfortunate combover.

Why don't you join the project? You're not an ethics cocktease, are you?


As more than one person has noted, "Dude! Google Bombing is so last year. Didn't you just mock Warren Kinsella for only coming across the 'weapons of mass destruction' meme last week? What a hypocrite you are J. Smelly Nestruck!"

Yes, yes. It's true. And I hereby apologize. I will never mock anyone or anything ever again. Happy? New Liberal Party Logo, you are no longer lame.

Truth is, I'm always behind on Internet trends because I'm sort of wait-and-see guy. I only started my blog a year and a month old. At first I didn't embrace peer-to-peer file sharing for months because I was convinced someone would use Kazaa to invade my computer.

From now on, I'm going to rush every trend that comes along. For instance, I'm going to invest all of my savings in Google's IPO.

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