Friday, March 12, 2004

Geekier than thou.

If there's one thing that lamer than keeping a blog (ahem), it's keeping a blog in Klingon (see this one and this one). Right?

Well, linguist-cum-blogger Semantic Composition used to be of that opinion. Then someone came along and showed him the light:
Memorizing Klingon is heavily disparaged, in a way that memorizing sports scores or the attributes of different models of car never is. The time-wasting aspect is often cited, but surely it beats out watching daytime TV, which never incites such hoots of derision.
Well, I don't know from sports or cars or Klingon, but I do have a few embarrassing and esoteric hobbies (not just blogging), so who am I to judge?

Anyway, read the whole post from Semantic Compositions. It's quite interesting, especially the idea that the popularity of Klingon has led to a resurgent interest in learning dead/dying/obscure languages like Ancient Greek, Latin and Aramaic. Perhaps The Passion of The Christ owes a debt of thanks to The Search for The Spock?

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