Saturday, March 20, 2004

Happy International Day of the Theatre for Children and Young People

You didn't even know there was such a day, did you? Oh, but there is...

And Augusto Boal, originator of the Theatre of the Oppressed, has written an official IDOTTFCAYP message:

Theatre is Dialogue. You cannot play alone, in a desert: you need a partner to play with, you need people to watch you. Theatre is solidarity: you have to play together.

Games, in theatre, have rules that you have to obey, and also freedom to invent your own way. Games are just like Society: there are Laws that must be respected, but we must have freedom to create our own life. Without laws there is no social life; without freedom, there is no life.

The good citizen is not the one who merely lives in a Society: it is she or he who changes it to make it better. Theatre can be the means through which you become a citizen, a place where you imagine a future world. But pay attention: Happiness cannot be individual, only. Like theatre, true happiness is social - we cannot be happy making other people suffer. Happiness shall be you and me, our family and our country, happiness shall be the entire world, all nations, all races, all creeds, all ages, all humans - Happiness is Dialogue.
Okay, so it's a little dipsy-doodle, but I like Boal's final aphorism: "Happiness is Dialogue."

Agreed, Mr. Boal. Happy IDOTTFCAYP!

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