Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Hockey Arenas: Get Your Peanuts Here?

Okay, so I just got back from the Leafs-Bruins game at the Air Canada Centre. Had absolutely lovely seats in the front row of section 310 (the second balcony) and the Leafs won (3-2) and all in all a great evening was had by all...

Now here comes the complaint: Peanuts. The whole third period I kept smelling peanuts. Everyone around me was eating peanuts.

Back when I was a kid at school, few students other than me had food allergies at school. It was only when I was in high school that I started hearing about peanut bans being implemented at elementary schools and the increased incidence of peanut allergies among kids. About this time they stopped serving peanuts on flights too.

I have a fairly severe allergy to peanuts, but it's not nearly as severe as some. The smell of peanuts irritates me, puts my system on high alert, but, unlike other people I know, it doesn't cause me to become sick.

Point being: I think it's about time they stop serving peanuts at sporting events. I believe the whole point of the salty snacks is to sell more beer, but pretzels surely can fill that gap. Cutting peanuts out wouldn't significantly bother the non-allergic fans and it would bring plenty of allergic fans in.

Sound reasonable? Good.

Now what we need are a couple of Hockey players with allergies to take the charge. How about Tom Poti, the New York Rangers defenseman, who has severe allergies to nuts, fish and MSG? Or Todd Reirden, defenseman for the Phoenix Coyotes, who has a gluten allergy?

Guys like these can help fight the perception people have that all allergy sufferers are pale, weak, inactive, sexually-unattractive guys with glasses -- which are the only kind of people who have allergies on TV and in the movies.

So once again, I hereby call on arenas to stop selling peanuts at hockey games. Peanut allergy sufferers of the world unite!

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