Sunday, March 07, 2004

The Liberal Party has a New Logo...

Ugh... What is that font? It looks like someone took a bite out of the letter 'B'... And it looks like there's a giant accent circonflex over 'era'.

The press release is kinda funny:

Updating a look is always difficult. We have fought elections under our old logo and have become attached to it - good logos often become the visual embodiment of our hopes and dreams. In time, our new logo will build on our pride and offer us new meaning. More importantly, it will provide us continuity with the past.

We continue to proudly include the maple leaf in our design and the use of red as the predominant colour. The "arc" design element underlines our status as Canada's only truly national party, as well as our vision of a strong, prosperous and united Canada. This arc, of course, doubles as an "accent aigu" to demonstrate the truly bilingual nature of our Party. Finally, the new typeface gives us a crisp, contemporary look.

While the Liberal Party of Canada is extremely proud of our heritage, we are focused on our future. We are a strong national Party that will always find new and better ways to serve the citizens of Canada. Under Prime Minister Paul Martin, we will continue to grow stronger together through a shared vision of what is possible to build a better Canada.

This new logo is a symbol of renewal and of our future together. We trust that you will share our pride in this new Party logo as we move forward.
In short: Don't worry your pretty little heads about the Sponsorship scandal! We gots a new logo!

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