Thursday, March 11, 2004

May the Schwartz be with you after a night hooching it up at Newtown?

Schwartz's -- home of the world's most famous smoked meat -- is considering opening up a new deli on Crescent St. between de Maisonneuve and Ste Catherine -- a mere block away from my old apartment at Chateau Mackay. The Gazette's Bill Brownstein is all over this important meat development.

I don't know if it's heresy to say this, but I have never really understood why everyone goes all mooney over Schwartz's smoked meat. It's a little fatty for my tastes, frankly.

You know what I do miss from Montreal? Boustan, the Lebanese restaurant on Crescent St. Whenever I'm back, even for a day, I make sure to stop by and get their Shish Taouk plate. Even though I live in Toronto now, I still keep their delivery number in my cell phone.

You know who used to eat at Boustan? Former PM Pierre Elliot Trudeau. That's right. Behind the counter, there's a picture of him chowing down on a falafel with owner Imad Smaidi behind the country.

Anyway, Schwartz's-Schmartz's... Nothing more than a tourist trap. Boustan is the Schwartz's for the new millennium.

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